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"Unprogrammed" at the Humble Bean Coffee Co!

I was overjoyed when I moved back to Castlegar and discovered this delightful little coffee shop within walking distance of my house. I was even more overjoyed when they said that they would carry my poetry merchandise!!

One of the things I love about the Humble Bean is that Kim and Mike, the owners, are very community minded people. They are always looking for ways to give back to the place they live in and the all of the people who live there. One of the ways they do this is being super supportive of all the artists in Castlegar and the surrounding areas, and we all appreciate that sooooo much!

I couldn't miss out on an opportunity to read a poem in this exquisite establishment, and if you are in Castlegar, you have to stop by the Humble Bean to check out their goodies and all the merchandise they carry that is made by local artists.

Find the Humble Bean online at: https://humble-bean-coffee-co.busines...

Thank you again to Kim, Mike, and all of their staff for giving us a home away from home where the coffee is always flowing (because what's a home without coffee anyway).

The poem 'Unprogrammed' was recently published in the 8th anthology of poetry produced by the Heron Clan! Find the Heron Clan on Twitter. Enjoy the video!!

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