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​If you would like to hire Erin J. Bauman (the Om-Work Guru) for content or technical copywriting, book an academic or mindfulness coaching session, or if you would like to have the Panoptical Poet visit your venue to share or create art you can reach her through the contact page on this site, or send a message through email, LinkedIn, UpWork, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

A picture of a phonics based game made by Erin J. Bauman in her work as the Om-Work Guru
Freelance Writing

Erin J. Bauman spent fifteen years working in the sales and service industry, giving her a strong background in marketing.


Erin now works with various artists and community groups to help them increase their online presence and to create marketing and engagement funnels that have helped her clients to quickly grow their audience and customer base. She assists these groups with writing a variety of copy ranging from promotional material to legal documents.

Erin J. Bauman has also been a children’s educator—specializing in multi-sensory English instruction—for over ten years. She now offers children's yoga instruction and tutoring as the Om-Work Guru, and she is a poet and novelist in her spare time with publications in several anthologies and magazines.

As a professional freelance writer Erin draws on her wealth of experience to write about current educational trends, and to make easy-to-use resources for educators to utilize with their students.

Erin's combination of skills allows her to write clear, creative, and concise copy on almost any subject. She is also dependable and excellent at meeting deadlines, so contact Erin today to discuss your technical or copywriting needs


Rates are negotiable beginning at $60/100-500 words, hourly rates also available. 

Use the button below to go to the contact page and hire   

Erin. J. Bauman for all of your content writing needs!

Academic Coaching.jpg
Youth Academic Coaching/Tutoring

The Om-Work Guru worked as an Orton-Gillingham tutor for ten years, and she has spent over twenty years working with children of all ages in daycares and at schools.


Erin has a BA majoring in English and a number of other certificates pertaining to her work with children.


She is excellent at addressing the social, emotional, and academic needs of students, and believes that the most important thing to teach a child is how to love learning.


Academic coaching is available online or in person.

Click the 'Sign Up' button to register for academic coaching/tutoring!

Yoga Class
Youth Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching

The Om-Work Guru has been a certified children’s yoga instructor for the past three years, and a children’s educator for over ten years.


Trained by Kidding Around Yoga (KAY), Erin teaches mindfulness and exercise techniques that help children learn how to manage their own physical and mental well-being through games, songs, and stories.


Mindfulness and yoga coaching is available online or in person.


Use the button below to go to the contact page and book a session with the Om Work Guru today!

Spoken Word Performances

With a large volume of poetic work, Erin J. Bauman can organize a reading around a desired theme, or go with the flow of your event. 


She has performed for audiences at music festivals, art galleries, coffee houses, and museums


Rates for readings begin at $50/hour, but rates are negotiable, particularly for non-profit groups and organizations.

Use the button below to go to the contact page and book the Panoptical Poet for a reading at your next event!

Writing Workshops

With an English major and a background as an educator specializing in literacy, Erin J. Bauman can lead workshops that help participants engage with the more technical aspects of writing, or simply encourage others to learn how to play with words to make creativity fun and effortless

Rates for workshops begin at $50/hour, but rates are negotiable, particularly for non-profit groups and organizations.

Use the button below to go to the contact page and book a workshop with the Panoptical Poet at your venue!

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