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'Orange' by the Panoptical Poet at the Castlegar Pedestrian Tunnel

Art is an ever evolving process, particularly when it come to street art like the murals featured in this video.

While this tunnel is definitely still worth checking out, I filmed this just before more graffiti was sprayed, some over top of the murals.

Evolution--in life and art--can bring greater success and beauty, but it doesn't seem like whoever added the graffiti to the tunnel murals was trying to add to their beauty. I'm glad I captured them in their fairly original glory.

When I read here it was also the week after Rowe vs Wade was overturned in the USA, and two weeks after the Canadian Supreme Court decided extreme intoxication is a viable defense in a sexual assault case. IMO both of these decisions are a de-evolution of our society, and a major slap in the face to women everywhere.

I chose to read my poem in front of the mural painted to bring awareness to MMIWG2S because, as it reminds us, we cannot just pretend that injustice isn't happening when it is. It is only by facing the darkness that we can ever hope to transmute it into light.

We have to face the consequences of patriarchy, capitalism, and colonialism if we ever hope to make this world a better place. It doesn't mean that we can't pause to enjoy things like the color orange, but we also cannot lose ourselves in that and forget about what is really important.

I believe that respecting and protecting the rights of all people and all living creatures is of the utmost importance, so poems like this one will probably not be the norm for me. Still, I hope you enjoy this exploration of color, and that you heck out the train tunnel in Castlegar!!

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