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"There's a Green Crate" by The Panoptical Poet at the Kootenay Crate Co. in Nelson, BC!!

One of my favorite things about filming my poetry in business series is the opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs and see what kind of cool stuff is being made in the Kootenays!

I am always in awe of all the cool crate furniture I find at the Kootenay Crate Co. If I thought it would fit in my trailer the bed frame would already be mine (lol).

As well as having super cool products, Peter and Jen are always happy to help support local artists and art initiatives. Definitely the kind of business I like to support.

They also accept online orders if you can't visit Nelson and see their beautiful store in person. Find them at:

Even though it was inspired by a plastic milk crate, I had to read "There's a Green Crate" for this installment of Poetry in Business.

This poem is in my chapbook which is available in hardcopy, for your e-reader, and as a spoken word audiobook.

Check out my linktree to order your copy:

Enjoy the poem, and check out Kootenay Crate Co!!

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