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Speaking to A Capitalist (When You Say...)

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I wrote this poem when I was in university. It was first published in the College of New Caledonia's student newspaper the Confluence (, and it was included in my chapbook 'A Kootenay Flower in Foreign Soil'. When I wrote it, I was feeling bogged down by student fees and student debt, losing myself and my happiness in the struggle to 'get ahead'. As I watched the news regarding the Unist'ot'en Camp (UNIST'OT'EN | Heal the People, Heal the Land) and the arrests at the Gidmut'en Checkpoint (Gidimt'en Yintah Access) I again saw capitalism impeding on our collective progress in terms of Reconciliation in Canada, and in terms of our collective need to live more sustainably before we destroy all of the resources that support life on this planet. In light of all that I thought I would re-share this poem about the evils of capitalism.

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