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Learning how to break down and construct sentences are imperative literacy skills, but finding ways to play with sentence construction that make it meaningful and fun can be difficult. Constructing a sentence can be thought of in the same way that we would think of making a soup. Some ingredients are staples, and others are optional ingredient additions that can change the soup's flavor and spice things up.


In this game you get some staple ingredients to start your soup. Then you add ingredients along the way to spice it up and go from making simple sentences to making compound and complex sentences and cooking up some fun at the same time!


This game has 80 pages of hand drawn graphics, questions about grammar concepts, and so many possibilities for playing with sentence construction and learning. Sentence soup can be easily adapted to suit the player’s grammar skill level, and grammar concepts can be taught as you play, or it can be used to reinforce concepts players already know.


Check out my other resources for more fun ways to reinforce literacy skills and concepts, get yourself a copy of Sentence Soup, and have fun playing with sentence construction.

Sentence Soup: A Comprehensive Grammar Skills and Sentence Construction Game

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