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In a time of global upheaval The Panoptical Poet has compiled her resistance poetry into a collection intended to move everyone who reads it to stand up and create a better version of themselves, and in turn a better world.


Beyond Bread and Roses is the premiere full length poetry collection from Erin J. Bauman, and it does not disappoint!
This book will make you laugh, cry, rage, and hopefully want to do something constructive with all of those emotions. Enjoy!

Erin J. Bauman, the Panoptical Poet, creates poetry (and flowetry) to inspire and delight the world around her. She is passionate about social change, and much of her art focuses on highlighting injustice and opening dialogs to discuss how we can all contribute to creating a truly global community in which all life is respected and celebrated.

Erin has performed as a spoken word artist and facilitated workshops at Two Rivers Art Gallery, Books and Company, The Exploration Place, Robson Valley Music Festival, and other venues.

She has written an immense body of poetic work and has had poems published in the Confluence, The Nelson Daily, Thimbleberry, and more.

Beyond Bread and Roses: Panoptical Poems of Protest

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