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Orton-Gillingham lesson plan packages with fun colorful graphics and pictures for students to color!


Each package includes a visual aid, three worksheets, and a record sheet to go along with the lesson plan.


More packages coming soon!


*While these packages are designed to be used by a wide variety of educators they are specifically made to suit the parameters of the Orton-Gillingham program originally designed by Anna Gillingham based on the work of neurologist Samuel Orton. Using these worksheets does not make someone an Orton-Gillingham instructor, and it is recommended that you take an Orton-Gillingham if you want to deliver the full benefits of that program to your students. In Canada Orton-Gillingham courses can be taken through the Learning Differences Center of B.C. Find them on Facebook at:


(7) Learning Differences Centre of BC | Facebook

A says 'a' for apple Phonogram Lesson Plan Package

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