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Time to Stand Up

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This poem was written about the protests at Standing Rock in North Dakota ( The incredibly talented Doug Koyama helped me to turn it into a song shortly after it was created, and all the proceeds for both poem and song have gone to Standing Rock ( While the inspiration and focus is the Standing Rock protests of 2016, the piece is about more than that. "Time to Stand Up" is about: the destruction of our planet; questioning the actual worth of the what humans value or don't value; the lack of respect for Indigenous rights; and the fact that it is time for us all to stand up for the living beings and elements of our planet that are not given proper respect within patriarchal society. The Bandcamp link that I talk about is no longer available, but you can order a copy of the song through the shop on this page ( message me if you would still like to buy a copy of "Time to Stand Up" and donate money to Standing Rock. The time is now! Stand up and stand with Standing Rock!

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