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'The Face of the Problem' in Print Because I Don't Like Political Censorship

I will not bow to political censorship

Last week I was informed that this poem would be removed from my Facebook and Instagram pages because 'it violates community standards'. Considering that I didn't even use one swear word, I strongly disagree.

When writing this poem I used facts from news media and colloquialisms used by Indigenous groups who are fighting the oppression of POC and the gross environmental destruction that is still occurring daily in Canada because of our government and its racist policies and practices and its focus on profit over people and life in general.

Given the fact that we just unearthed 215 bodies of Indigenous children who died in residential school from unmarked graves, I think more people need to be calling out and questioning our government. Apologies aren't good enough.

So I'm sharing this poem again on all of my social media, which may lead to account restrictions, but as I said, I will not bow to political censorship! Please repost or share this if you agree with my sentiment and the fact that we as citizens have a right to express our concerns and our anger

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