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"Nineties Kids" at The Shop in Castlegar B.C.

I can't say I ever imagined that I would be reading poetry in a skateboard shop, but when the opportunity arose I was soooo stoked, and I knew exactly which poem I was going to read!

I wrote 'Nineties Kids' when I was living in Prince George. On my way home from work one day I saw an adult couple longboarding home with their groceries, and I just thought that was soooo cool! It reminded me of the non-conformity that characterized the 90's grunge movement, and everything that came along with that, like skateboarding.

Even though I am not a skateboarder myself, I was a teenager in the 90's and I had a bunch of skater friends who were definitely in my mind when I was gathering inspiration for this piece. Being in the Shop, for me, is like a walk down memory lane, and I feel like the place captures that 90's spirit I talk about in my poem.

As well as being a totally gnarly place to visit, the Shop has all of the wicked skateboarding and snowboarding gear you could need, and it is run by a super awesome human. Kaleigh is actually THE super awesome human who shaved my head when I decided to do that for the first time ever, and she runs one of THE most radical stores in Castlegar! You should def come check it out, but if you can't visit in person you can find them online and Kaleigh can still hook you up with wicked threads and much more. Find them at:

Thank you for checking out this radical poem and the totally tubular place I filmed it at. Never put down your skateboard!!

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