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"Inevitable" at Le Grand Fromage in Nelson B.C.!

I'm thrilled to be bringing you another video from my 'Poetry in Business' series! This one was filmed in beautiful Nelson!! .

As someone who has actually visited a few cheese shops in Europe, I can definitely say that Le Grand Fromage in Nelson is the real deal!! If you haven't been yet you need to go today!!

They have a pleasurable plethora of cheeses to choose from and Nancy, the manager, makes great recommendations if you are having trouble deciding which one(s) to pick.

Le Grand Fromage is one of my favorite places to visit, and the tranquil atmosphere always makes me feel like I'm in a whole new world of elegance in eating. That's why it was such a treat to film this video there!! . You can find lots of ways to treat yourself (and your dinner guests) with an assortment of snacks, serving accessories, and of course cheese!!

Visit Le Grand Fromage or find them online at

I hope you love this video even half as much as I love cheese, and this lovely shop in Nelson. Enjoy!!

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