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"Growing Pains" at Sunnyside Naturals in Kaslo, BC!

It's been a while since I released anything for the 'Poetry in Business' video series, which is why I'm so excited to be releasing this video that I made at Sunnyside Naturals in Kaslo in 2021!

My love of good food began in childhood. I was lucky to have two parents who put time and effort into my diet and my overall health. I got candy sometimes. Most of the time I was just as happy to have some of the sesame snaps or banana chips that we picked up while grocery shopping at the local market, where Hannah often helped us to find whatever we needed.

Hannah is now the owner of Sunnyside Naturals in Kalso BC!! An amazing place to find organic snacks, supplements, and a unique herbal apothecary! It was so nice to visit Hannah and her store again, and film a reciting of my poem 'Growing Pains'. The poem is about how my mother nurtured me through childhood, and good food was a big part of that, so it seemed like a very fitting location.

Find Sunnyside Naturals online at:

and stop in there for a visit the next time you are in Kaslo!

Find more Panoptical Poetry (audiobook, t-shirts, and more) at retail outlets like Sunnyside and in my online shop (links in my bio)

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